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"My goal is to offer a different experience and not the traditional posed images. 
We approach our work with a photo-journalistic view, 
while embracing natural light.

You will have a wedding photo gallery full of laughter, emotion and warm natural light." 



Thank you for checking out my website. Established in 2009, Steinhaus Photography services the North Atlanta area. 


I recently came across a quote that sums up how I feel about my amazing career, and those that I have the privilege of meeting: "Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” – Don McCullin


My goal is to offer a different experience - not the traditional posed images or the "Smile and say cheese" look that you would get at a portrait studio at the mall. You will have a session full of laughter, emotion and warm natural light. 


Some of my favorite images consist of a Parent interacting and laughing with their children, or the Groom whispering his favorite love song to his new Bride and the feelings that follow. With those type of settings, the smile and movement will come naturally and that will make all the difference. 


Call or message me today and lets discuss your ideas. Don't forget that a quick 20/30 minute mini session can also be a fantastic idea for families with little ones. That's all you need to capture each stage of growth. 

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"Sharon is one of those people you can see loves what they do and loves the people she works with, within the first few minutes of meeting her. My now husband and I are not comfortable in front of a camera and she made us completely at ease and we love every single photo. They hang on our walls as art and we look at them without any regrets! We are now a family of three and look forward to scheduling a family session with her! Thank you Sharon!"- Synett

"Sharon is amazing! We picked Sharon because her services are an awesome value on paper. She offers so much for such a reasonable price compared to other photographers in the area, and her images are extremely eye-catching. However, things only got better when we met her and had our engagement photo session. She's very reliable and great with communication, and she is SOOO nice. And she's very good at helping you feel natural when taking the photos, she really helped us loosen up and have a great session. Oh, on top of that she even brought a free picture frame for us! We just got our first few sneak-peek images from the photo shoot and they look phenomenal. Her technical skills are top-notch and her personality is a 10! Highly recommended" - Michaelangelo

"Sharon was thoughtful and wonderful to work with. She really cared about us and wanted us to be completely happy with her and our photos. All her photos were beautiful and crisp. Very professional and a joy to work with. I recommend her to every bride I talk to!" - Sadie


Thank you to all my return clients. You have entrusted your memories to me and for that I am truly grateful. 

Thanks! Message sent.

P: 678-249-0256

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